Literacy Essentials (periods 1-2)

Week of 5/29 - 6/2

Monday 5/29: MEMORIAL DAY - No School

Tuesday 5/30: 
Literary Elements web and Plot Graph (Both due today)!

Wednesday 5/31: Continue research and Powerpoint

Thursday 6/1: Continue research and Powerpoint
                       Powerpoint due today!

Friday 6/2: 
Create speech/ note cards for oral presentation on 6/19

The remainder of class time will be devoted to our career project. This is the final assessment for this course. The Powerpoint will be Due on 6/1, with a presentation to the class during the time of the exam. A paper will also be due on 6/15.

Week of 5/22 - 5/26

Monday 5/22: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 12 & 13
                    Response to Chapters 12 &13

Tuesday 5/23: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 14 & 15
                           SAR: How does the relationship between Kenny and Byron change throughout the story OR Was it a good idea for the Watsons to go to Birmingham?

Wednesday 5/24: SRI and STAR testing/ Finish any Watsons work.

Thursday 5/25: LIBRARY - Research - Career Project

Friday 5/26: Go over example of career project
                   Timeline for project and due dates
                    Continue research

Week of 5/15 - 5/19

Monday 5/8: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 8 & 9
                    Response to Chapters 8 and 9

Tuesday 5/9: Current Event Connections

Wednesday 5/10: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 10 & 11
                           Response to Chapters 10 & 11

Thursday 5/11: WELLNESS FAIR

Friday 5/12: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 12 & 13
                   Response to Chapters 12 & 13

Week of 5/8 - 5/12

Monday 5/1: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 2-3
                       Identify the locations of timeline events on a US map
                       Choose 15 vocab words - define and use in a sentence

Tuesday 5/2: Vocabulary Summative - Workshops 7-9
                      Mind map - Kenny

Wednesday 5/3: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 4-5
                            Response to chapters 4-5

Thursday 5/4: Quick research for improving understanding of literature. 

Friday 5/5: Watsons go to Birmingham chapters 6-7
                    Identify and explain the value of smiley-face tricks used in Watsons

Week of 5/1 - 5/5

Monday 5/1: "How we say it here" Dialect lesson
                       Begin Civil Rights Movement Timeline (group project)

Tuesday 5/2: Quizlet review for Summative
                       Work on timeline

Wednesday 5/3: Read Chapter 1 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham
                            Chapter 1 Reflection

Thursday 5/4: Connecting to personal narratives
                         work on timeline

Friday 5/5: Civil Rights Movement Timeline DUE

Week of 4/17 - 4/21
We will be working on independent book projects ALL week!
Projects are due 4/21!!
Vocab Quiz #9 on 4/21

Week of 4/10-4/14

Monday 4/10: Read and Journal
                         Make Inferences Notes

Tuesday 4/11: Read and Journal
                        Vocab Quiz # 7
                       Workshop 9 anchor video and vocabulary

Wednesday 4/12: Read and Journal
                              "Angry Young Man"
                              Inferencing Practice

Thursday 4/13: Read and Journal
                           "In Their Own Words"
                            Word Challenge                      

Friday 4/14: Read and Journal
                      "Ballad of Birmingham"
                       Vocab Review
                       Comprehension Review

Week of 4/3 - 4/7

Monday 4/3: Read and Journal
                       Smiley-face trick notes
                       "Leaving Crime Behind"
                       Brainstorm: your mentor

Tuesday 4/4: Read and Journal
                       Book Project Options presented and available on google classroom
                       "Youth Crime...Adult Time"
                       Add smiley-face tricks to narrative writing

Wednesday 4/5: Read and Journal
                            Word Challenge
                             work on smiley-face tricks

Thursday 4/6: Read and Journal
                         Descriptive writing sample
                         Work on Mentor paragraph

Friday 4/7: Read and Journal
                    Mentor Paragraph due
                    Quizlet. Kahoot

Week of 3/27-3/31

Monday 3/27: Read and Journal
                         Music Monday - on Google Classroom

Tuesday 3/28: Read and Journal
                        Watch "A class divided"

Wednesday 3/29: Read and Journal
                              Music Monday Comparison Essay Due

Thursday 3/30: Read and Journal
                           Workshop 8 Anchor video
                           Vocabulary from workshop 8

Friday 3/31: Read and Journal
                      "A Class Divided" reflection

Week of 3/20- 3/24


Tuesday 3/21: Read and Journal
                        Narrative example
                        "The Human Brain"
                        "Super Mouse"

Wednesday 3/22: Read and Journal
                              Word Challenge
                               Subject and object pronouns
                               Personal Narrative: write any story about yourself

Thursday 3/23: Read and Journal
                            Comprehension review
                            Vocabulary review
                            Work on Narrative

Friday 3/24: Vocab Quiz #7
                       Read and Journal
                       Narrative Due

Week of 3/13-3/17

Monday 3/13: Read and Journal
                         Quizlet live - vocab
                         Finish Cold Read - Due TODAY
                         Career Mini-project
Tuesday 2/14: BLIZZARD BAG:
                         Choose 15 vocabulary words (from workshops 4-6) and write sentences using each chosen word to illustrate your understanding of the definition. 
Wednesday 3/15:Read and Journal
                         Quizlet live
                         Career Mini-project
Thursday 3/16:  Vocabulary Summative (workshops 4-6)
                             Article of the week
Friday 3/17: Read and Journal
                      Workshop 7 Anchor video
                      Workshop 7 Vocabulary
                       "Super Mouse"
                       rskills Test

Week of 3/6 - 3/10

Monday 3/6: Read and Journal
                       Kahoot - workshop 6 vocabulary
                       Word Challenge (p 150-151)
                       Small Group Grammar
Tuesday 3/7: Read and Journal
                       Grammar Review
                       Vocabulary and Amigo Brothers Comprehension
                       Literature Critique - Amigo Brothers
Wednesday 3/8: Read and Journal
                            Literature Critique DUE
Thursday 3/9: Read and Journal
                          COLD READ
Friday 3/10: Vocabulary Quiz #6
                       Finish COLD READ

**Be prepared for a SUMMATIVE Vocabulary Test (Workshop 4-6) next week!! 

Week of 2/20 - 2/14

Monday 2/20: Read and Journal
                         Amigo Brothers Part 1
                         Check Essays for required components
Tuesday 2/21: Read and Journal
                        Amigo Brothers Part 2
                        Revise Esasys
Wednesday 2/22: Read and Journal
                              Amigo Brothers Part 3
                              Finish Essays - DUE TODAY - Final Draft
Thursday 2/23: WINTER CARNIVAL!

Week of 2/13 - 2/17

Monday 2/13: SNOW DAY
Tuesday 2/14: Read and Journal
                        Partner Poetry
                        Work on Esssay
Wednesday 2/15: Read and Journal
                              Diagramming sentences
                              Poetry recitation
Thursday 2/16: Read and Journal
                           workshop 6 vocabulary
                           Essay - OUTLINE DUE
Friday 2/17: Retake Quiz 5
                      Work on essay - Rough Draft Due

Week of 2/6 - 2/10

Monday 2/6: Read and Journal
                       Parts of speech review
                       Quiz corrections - RETAKE next week.
Tuesday 2/7: Tie up Loose ends today: Poetry out loud assignments and quiz corrections.
Wednesday 2/8: Read and Journal
                            Diagramming sentences
                            Work on Persuasive essay - Topic Due TODAY; Sources Due Friday
Thursday 2/9: BLIZZARD BAG *** Read article and answer questions. Linked here: and also posted on classroom. If you have trouble accessing the article, simply click "sign in with google" 
Friday 2/10: Read and Journal
                     Finish persuasive paragraph (should teens have credit cards?)
                     Work on persuasive essay - Sources due TODAY

Week of 1/30 -2/3

Monday 1/30: Read and journal
                        "Money Matters"
                        Poetry Outloud - choose 2 poems from 
                        Carpe Diem worksheet

Tuesday 1/31: Read and Journal
                        "Gambling Grip"
                        Annotate Poem
Wednesday 2/1: Read and Journal
                            Music Analysis
                            "Right on the Money"
                            Word Challenge (P18-119)

Thursday 2/2: Read and Journal
                        Comprehension and Vocab review
                        Poetry reading in pairs

Friday 2/3: Vocabulary Quiz 5
                   Read and Journal
                   Persuasive essay notes
                   Persuasive paragraph

Week of 1/24 - 1/27

Tuesday 1/24: SNOW DAY
Wednesday 1/25: Review Routines
                              Read and Journal
                              Controversial Lyric Project

Thursday 1/26: Read and Journal
                           Word Parts Review
                            "Money Matters"
                            Continue Lyric Project

Friday 1/27:  Read and Journal
                       Poetry Out Loud - information
                       "Gambling Grip"
                       Lyric Project Due

Important information: These homework pages will provide you with an outline of what will be done in class. Students do not receive a lot of homework in this class, but it will be clearly labeled when we have it. Any work NOT completed in class should be done for homework. 

Blizzard Bag information will be posted on my google classroom page. 

There will be an independent book project Due the first week in April!